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Muddled Thinking, Star Wars OT, Leia/Han, Rated PG

July 1, Star Wars Ficfest
OT, Leia/Han: a princess and a guy like me--let's be realistic, here.

Title: Muddled Thinking
Author: darth_taral
Fandom: Star Wars OT
Characters: Leia Organa, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker (briefly)
Pairing: Leia/Han
Rating: Rated PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: about 1590
Disclaimers: I do not own or profit from these characters; this is a work of fanfiction.
Summary: Han wants a relationship with Leia but doesn’t think it would work or that she returns his feelings. Wedge tries to convince him otherwise.

Muddled Thinking

“She hates me.”

“She does not hate you. She doesn’t. She just doesn’t like you very much.”

“Isn’t it the same thing?”

“No…no…now listen to me. It is not the same.”

Han shook his head and stared down at the pale green liquid swirling in his glass. His fourth glass. But it wasn’t as though he had to fly home or anything. Not on this frozen cube of a planet. Of course, he might slip on some ice on the way back to his room and break his fool neck. Maybe fall down one of those ice holes. He wondered just how long it would be before someone came looking for him.

Han shook his head slowly, picked up his glass and downed the liquid with a grimace. He waited a moment for it to bubble and burn its way down to his already abused stomach. He rubbed his aching forehead. There was some kind of music playing. If you could call it that. It sounded like an injured Wookiee…but female. Maybe Chewbacca would like it.

“Have you talked to her?”

“What do you mean? I talk all the time. And she criticizes me all the time.”

Wedge shook his head, unable to stop the slow grin that spread across his face.

“But what do you talk about, Han?”

Han leaned back against his chair, the left support wobbled a bit, giving him a distinctive lop-sided feeling.

“We talk about…things…you know.”

“Yeah, well, you need to be talking about personal things, not how fast the next squadron can run through their drills.”

“Hey…that’s what she likes. There ain’t no personal nothing with her.”

Wedge shook his head and pushed a credit piece in the slot on the makeshift counter. The bartender acknowledged his payment with a nod.

Standing, Wedge paused to stare at his friend, hands on his hips and a worried look on his face.

“Han…life’s too short. Especially for people who do what we have to do. If you want Leia…really want her, then what’s stopping you? What people think? You’ve never cared about that before.”

“Listen, Wedge…I appreciate…your little pep talk…I really do. But let’s be realistic here. A princess and a guy like me…we’re not compatible! She’s royalty, she’s also practically a figurehead for the Alliance now. She’s…that expensive curio that you see in a shop window. Even if you could afford it, what the heck would you do with it if you got it?”

Han slid his glass around on the metal bar top and winced as the shrieking and moaning music suddenly grew in volume.

Wedge leaned over closer, practically yelling in his ear.

“She’s not like that, Han. She’s special. But not because she’s from the Alderaan royal family. She’s special because of what kind of person she is.”

“I know what kind of person she is, Wedge.”

“Then you must know that she has feelings for you.”

Han laughed and leaned his arms on the cold bar top. He felt suddenly shaky and rubbed a hand over his eyes. He’d been messed up ever since he’d met Leia Organa in the hallway of that stupid detention block.

“She does, Han. And you know it. The only thing screwing everything up is you.”

Wedge gave one last glare at his friend and a disgusted shake of his head. What an idiot. He walked towards the narrow doorway, ducking under the low arch, and collided with the slender figure standing just outside. Reaching out he quickly grabbed the young woman and they wobbled for a moment before steadying on their feet.

Leia glared at the young pilot and quickly disengaged his hands from their too-intimate grip on her body.

“That’s enough! Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Wedge sputtered for a moment, finding himself at a sudden loss for words, and holding his hands straight out at his side while his mind tried to point out just what it was he had been touching...

“What was I…I was trying to keep us both from falling on our…uh…our…”

Leia sighed and cautiously peeked around the corner to where Han still sat slouched on his leaning chair at the makeshift bar.

“Never mind, Wedge. What did he say?”

“Uh…what did who say?”

Leia leveled a stare at him that had made many a politician uncomfortable. Despite the unrelenting coldness of the base, Wedge thought he detected a trickle of sweat slowly making it’s way along his hairline.

“Han! What did Han say to you?”

“Do you mean just now?”

“Yes, just now! What did he say?”

“Well, he…he…was concerned…”

“He was concerned…yes, keep going, Wedge.”

“About the hyperdrive, you see…it…uh…has some problems.”

Leia crossed her arms.

“Yeah…uh…well…I guess…that’s not all of what we were talking about.”

Leia smiled and that was almost worse than any of her intimidating looks.

“Wedge…let’s get things out in the open. At least between you and me, shall we?”

“Out in the open…yes…yes…that sounds good. You are my…my leader after all and I…uh…I have a great deal of respect for you…and…and…”

“That’s enough, Wedge. Right now I’m concerned about the…situation…that you and Han were speaking of. I heard some of it but lost track when the music got too loud.”

Wedge swallowed. How did he get himself into this? He’d just wanted a drink and to give his friend a nudge in the right direction. Now he was sandwiched in the middle of the whole mess.

“You…uh…heard us talking?”

“About me.”

“About you?”

She gritted her teeth at him and then forced another smile.

“Yes, Wedge, about me. But then I got lost after the curio part when someone turned up the music.”

“Um…Leia…I mean Princess Leia…you know…Han was just saying how you two weren’t that compatible, you being royalty and all and him being…him. Maybe he needs a little room to think about things…you know…if he really likes you and all, even if you are a royal princess and a leader in the rebellion and really have no idea what kind of life he’s had to lead and the things he’s had to do, not that they were bad things, Han’s not a bad man…”

Wedge trailed off, suddenly realizing he’d lost his train of thought somewhere and was literally being stared down by a girl who barely came up to his chin. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said anything. Leia had her arms crossed again and her cheeks were flushed and her mouth pinched together tightly.

“Oh, I don’t know, I think I would consider Han Solo to be a “bad” man. And it’s a good thing I don’t associate with bad men, now isn’t it.”

She whirled around and stalked off down the hallway, robes flowing behind her. Wedge stood there a few moments, replaying their conversation back in his head. Something had gone wrong and he had a sinking feeling that it was his fault.

He was jarred out of his contemplation when a hand came down heavily on his shoulder. He turned around to see Han frowning at him, wobbling slightly and breathing heavily in his face. Wedge wrinkled his nose. Whatever that green stuff was Han had been drinking had a peculiar, sweet odor that turned the stomach.

“I thought you’d already gone, Wedge.”

“I thought so too.”

“Well, buddy…I’m gonna do it.”

“Do what?”

“Talk to her.”

“Talk to who?”

“Leia, you idiot, who else! I’m gonna tell her…tell her…what my…ff…fffe…uh…”


“That’s right, buddy…those things. I’m gonna tell ‘em to her.”


Han frowned and stood up straight though listing slightly to one side.

“Hell no, not tomorrow. Right now. Tomorrow I’ve got patrol early with Luke on those stinking tauntauns. I can’t talk to a princess smelling like a tauntaun.”

“No…no, I can see where that wouldn’t be a good thing. But…uh…Han, maybe it would be better to talk to her when you weren’t so…intoxicated. You need a clear head when talking to someone like her. Even then, things will probably not go right, her being who she is and you being…you.”

Han frowned and Wedge could clearly see him trying to decipher his words.

“In…int…are you saying I’m drunk?”

“Well, you’re…kind of drunk.”

“Hey! Whatcha mean her being…whatever you said…and me being…whatever you said…that don’t sound…pr…pro…promisin’.”

Wedge kneaded the back of his neck. Why was this happening to him? What did he do to deserve this torture?

“Look, Han…”

“No, you look…buddy. I know whatcha trying to say…I’m a smuggler…I’m just a scroungy ol’ pirate who don’t deserve somebody like her. I know you’re thinkin’ that, laughin…laughin’ about it all behind my back. Yeah, Han Solo done got caught only he’s gonna get throwed back ‘cause miss high ‘n’ mighty don’t even like him. Luke’s better for her anyway…he knows…he knows how to talk nice to her and she believes what he says.”

Shoving Wedge to the side, Han staggered off down the hallway.

Wedge stared after him, a horrible sinking feeling in his stomach.

“That’s it. Next time I think I need to try to help somebody I’ll just throw myself in front of a star destroyer.”

“What did you say, Wedge?”

He turned to see Luke Skywalker standing behind him.”

“Well…you see, Luke…Han said…no…Leia said…awww… I don’t know what’s going on. Ask somebody else! I gotta go clean the ‘fresher or something.”

Luke scratched his head in confusion. The close quarters must be getting to Wedge. Usually he was a pretty calm guy.

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